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Welcome! Welcome to my art blog! I’m currently working fulltime on the comics and art I post on this tumblr, as well as freelance. If you like what I do and want to.

Unlike Twitter, where it is not uncommon for publishers to simply set up accounts that automatically publish links to their articles and blog posts, Tumblr requires publishers to add more commentary and interaction if they want to win favor.

. a separate blog on your Tumblr account just for live blogs, but it isn’t completely necessary. 2. Tag your live blog correctly. Whichever type of live blog you choose to do, make sure you tag it appropriately. Don’t add tags of other.

A TOURIST who had her phone stolen during a late-night drunken swim has had the last laugh, posting pictures the thief took on her device to tumblr. with the blogger adding hilarious captions. The blog, which began last month, has.

Feb 27, 2012. While the risk of this for most people isn't very high, our customer support team has been getting more and more inquiries about whether CloudFlare can add SSL encryption to these third party platforms. Justin on our team wanted to find out how easy it was so he used his own Tumblr blog (

if anyone outside of tumblr ever asks me what it’s like to have a semi-popular blog I’m going to tell them about the time I made a post that SIMPLY AND CLEARLY.

Learn more about the most popular social media apps teens are using. The bottom line for most of these tools? If they’re used respectfully, appropriately, and with a.

Add Pure Chat to Your Tumblr Blog. Use Live Chat on your Tumblr Blog. 1. Log into your Tumblr blog and click on the Account icon, then in the drop down menu select Edit appearance. 2. Click on Edit theme in the section Website Theme. 3. Select Edit HTML from the left sidebar. 4. Paste your chat box snippet at the end of.

Although it is unclear how the service would, one fear that was circulating — that Yahoo could add an “e” to Tumblr’s name, making it Tumbler — likely won’t come to pass.

Namer Nancy Friedman — in her blog Fritinancy — has sung the praises of suggestive. She cited Amazon as a name that “suggests a mighty river of.

Hello Everyone! It’s almost back to school. A time for new beginnings and another year of fun and excitement. For this DIY, I want to give a shout out to my DIYer.

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I'm betting that you are one of the many Tumblr blogging platform users and would like to know how to set up the “Recent Posts” feature for your blog. There is good and bad news – bad news is that Tumblr does not have such a feature, but good news is that it is possible to add that feature quite easily!

Would you like to personalize your Tumblr blog with your own domain name? Here’s how you can redirect a domain to Tumblr and register it with your blog.

Oct 30, 2015. The customisation options are all neatly tucked away in the navigation under appropriate heading which makes it easy to change design and structural features to your blog. Tumblr wins this round again – it's fairly easy to manage in all aspects and I felt let down by Squarespace's way of adding new content.

To view the archives for your Tumblr blog, you only need to add "/archives" to the end of your blog URL. While most Tumblr themes enable you to show this archive page via a link or button, you can also add the HTML code to the.

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For the last few months, I’ve become a fan of Tumblr, visiting and adding content to my blog nearly every other day. What’s great about Tumblr is that, similar to Twitter, you can reblog posts by other members of the site, particularly.

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Nov 1, 2017. In a matchup of Blogger vs Tumblr, who wins? When it comes to starting a blog there are tons of services to choose from, but other than WordPress these are the two heavy hitters. You can go with a smaller platform like Typepad or Xanga, but they don't offer the functionality that that you can find with.

Several of the tips listed below are the main contributing factors behind optimizing your blog for search, so keep this in mind while reading. Adding Google Analytics. accomplish this same thing on Facebook, Tumblr, or any other site.

We’re pleased to announce that Bootswatch has been updated for Bootstrap version 4.0.0-beta.2. Changes. The update introduces a slew of changes to the underlying.

Feb 17, 2014. So why would you want to make your WordPress site look like a Tumblr blog? Well, WordPress can deliver the same functionality of Tumblr, but with more flexibility for customizing and promoting your site. And it's also worth keeping in mind that post formats were left out of WordPress 3.6 and are yet to.

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Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other.

Tumblr released a new app called Cabana, which lets you hang out and watch YouTube videos with friends. With Cabana. Sign up for an account and create your profile. Add friends or invite them to join the app by linking your.

Tumblr Themes Twitter Backgrounds, Facebook Covers and more. Welcome to where we offer the largest variety of social networking layouts.

Mar 2, 2013. Tumblr is considered to be one of the emerging social networking as well as blog hosting website that is gaining immense popularity ever since its launch. Tumblr offers users with templates as well as photos etc. Users often will have to face situations where they will have to do a reblog on Tumblr and also.

Jan 5, 2017. Remember not to put anything terrible in there because it may take up to a few months for this to update (worst case.) Tumblr H Tags. Next, dive into the “edit HTML” section of your Tumblr blog under the customization tab. You've gotta know your way around HTML/CSS at the very least in order to make.

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Connect Tumblr to IFTTT, Email, tumblr, Google Photos, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pocket, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Blogger, iOS.

How Effective Is Tumblr For Brands. via the link for a free two week trial.) Read > How To Add A Live Twitter Feed To Your PowerPoint Presentation (Social Media Today) 7 Reasons Why A Blog Is Vital To Your Social Media Strategy.

Jul 2, 2010. Post original content | If you reblog, then comment and add a some unique value to the post and reward those who come to your blog instead of where ever else that post is up at. More importantly, add original photos, videos and listings of art shows around your area and your tumblr blog will be picked up.

Many Companies Are Jumping on the Social Networking Bus Amtrak Careers uses Pinterest and Tumblr photos to convey corporate culture. and speaks on career topics and job search trends on her blog Career Sherpa. She co.

Add games to your website, (WordPress or other) blog, or Tumblr. Find and open the game you want to add (hint: use the search form at the right top): image. If you can't find the game you are looking for please let me know at [A] where you replace [A] by 'mertens'. Click the 'Add. to your website / blog'.

Aug 26, 2014. You can follow anyone in the Reader, including blogs. You can add any blog with a feed to your Reader — Blogger, Tumblr, whatever. You can browse any topic. You can also explore a curated collection of WordPress. com blogs in popular topics like photography, travel, politics, food,

Place a music player in your blog/site easily like above! Tumblr blog/Blogger/Any webpages – Add music player to your site.

Copy the url of any blog you want to backup from into the textbox at the bottom left. Afterwards, click on 'Add Blog' on the right side of it. Alternatively, if you copy (ctrl-c) a whole blog url from the address bar/a text file, the clipboard monitor from TumblThree will detect it and automatically add the blog.

Remember the name of the font, we're going to use Noto Serif. Screenshot of how to edit your Tumblr theme. Make sure you're logged in to Next, go to your blog and click Edit theme. Screenshot of how to add custom fonts. Scroll down to the field labeled Custom fonts. Enter font name and add quotation marks.

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Currently, messaging is available to almost any blog, except those that are private. but it also gives Tumblr the basis of platform which could be improved over time to add more rich media features, akin to those found in other.

Select the blog you want to migrate, and click the settings drop-down next to it. Select "Autopost Setup." Click to add a service, and select Tumblr or Blogger. You’ll be prompted to provide your account information. You may also be.

Feb 2, 2015. How to Insert Images into Your Tumblr Post February 2nd, 2015: How to add images/photos into Markdown or HTML-based “Text posts” on Tumblr Recently, Tumblr changed their editor interface. One big. But, I cannot imagine they decided to take away the ability to add an image into a blog post.

Walla said she has been documenting her travels for several years on the blogging website Tumblr. Recently she relaunched her blog as an independent website. you can cook your own food and hostels, adding that hostels aren’t.

Feb 26, 2013. Click on the “Add Redirection” button, and you are done. Now all of your old Tumblr blog URLs like this: Will redirect to your WordPress post URL that looks like this: www.yourdomain. com/my-post/. Note: In order for this to work, your permalink structure.

Here is how I use Tumblr for business: Post a snippet of my blog post hours after publishing it on my actual. how their followers will get to know you as well. Oh, remember to add some humor to what you share— Tumblr users want to.

Dec 4, 2014. Tumblr allows users to tag their posts, which is similar to adding labels. Tags will allow these. Click the arrow to choose which blog you will post to. You have a text box in which you can type a title for your post, and a toolbar below to change the font, add hyperlinks, add photos, and customize your post.

When Yahoo bought Tumblr, it suggested that its adult and porn blogs would be left alone. Users found out this wasn’t true when a new adult blog search policy went.

Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.

Are you tired of your old blog and find it too much trouble to maintain? Here’s how you can get a fresh new start with a new, free Tumblr blog.

This is primarily due to the fact that Apple doesn’t offer a first-hand solution for adding Live Photos to websites.

Tumblr has implemented policy on its adult blogs. WordPress has thousands of plugins (they’re like apps you can add to your blog for features like galleries, sharing, and more), most of them are free, and more plug-ins are created by.

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