University Of Arizona Serp 597e Syllabus

Special Ed Rehab Sch Psyc Main. SERP 193. Internship. · SERP 197B. Introduction to Service Learning and Meaningful Contributions to the Community. · SERP 200. Mass Media and Its Construction of Disability. · SERP 202. Introduction to Low Incidence Disabilities. · SERP 299. Independent Study.

Many of the programs in DPS are unique to the University of Arizona, and, in some cases, the only programs of their kind in the Southwestern United States. Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology is abbreviated as SERSP, department courses were given the prefix SERP in the University of Arizona catalog.

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SERP 424 Methods of Teaching the Visually Impaired (3) II Curriculum development and adaptation in various educational programs; adaptation of classroom materials; procedures for use with blind/partially sighted children and youth; emphasizes teaching academic and non-academic skills and in educating students with.

Program Description. We now offer a fully online MA in special education with an emphasis in behavior support. This 36-unit degree option includes all 6 courses ( 18 units) required to qualify for the BCBA exam. Those needing to meet both the coursework and Master's degree requirements established by the BACB will.

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Jan 25, 2016. The distribution of a course information sheet or syllabus is required for all University undergraduate courses.ยน The syllabus is a statement of intent and schedule of topics/activities that serves as an implicit agreement between the instructor and students. It must be distributed (either as a hard copy or online).

Oct 23, 2017. Students take core courses and choose from the curriculum a Master's Degree specialization from the following areas. units); SERP 556 โ€“ Research Methods in Education (3 units); SERP 597E โ€“ Consultation and Collaboration for Special Needs Students (3 units); SERP 909 โ€“ Master's Report (6 units).

CORE COURSES: 9 UNITS. SERP 400: Survey of Exceptional Students. SERP 414: Introduction to Disability Studies and Services. SERP 416: Disability Perspectives and Narratives. ADDITIONAL COURSES: 9 UNITS. SERP 197B: Intro. to Service Learning & Contributions. SERP 200: Mass Media and Its Construction of.

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